Are you considering getting your MBA? If so, MBA salaries is most likely a big component of your research as you are pondering on this not so small decision.

Well…great news! I’ve compiled salaries from the top 3 MBA programs – Stanford, Wharton, and Booth (according to U.S. News) and will highlight them in this post. Sounds interesting? Let’s dive right in.

Let’s start by listing out most common functions where MBA grads typically end up in. I’ll explain each one of them briefly for context and will then give you an idea of the median salaries extracted from the school employment reports.


Consulting firms recruit MBA graduates to work as management consultants solving their client’s problem. MBAs in consulting typically move around different clients- working on different projects.

Generally, this is a very popular career path as it provides a springboard to a great post-MBA career. However, it does come with long hours, travel (probably less so post-COVID), but the rewards are often worth it.

Median Salary: $165K

Expected Bonus: $30K

Signing Bonus: $30K

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Investment Banking

MBA grads with a finance or quantitative background are in high demand by banks and financial institutions. In Investment banking, MBA grads usually move between different teams to work on specific assignments (e.g. M&A, Leveraged Buyout, etc/).

Investment banking is also seen as a good stepping stone to other positions in the financial industry.

People generally make really good money in this industry but often leave for other positions with better lifestyle. Still, Investment Banking provides a huge salary bump for MBA grads.

Median Salary: $150-175K

Expected Bonus: $100 – 250K

Signing Bonus: $50K

Tech Product Management

As the name suggests, this type of MBA jobs includes product managers in technology companies or startups. Product managers lead a team through the development process and usually manage the relationships between engineering and marketing teams.

Tech Product Management is becoming an increasingly popular career path for MBAs due to its focus on business strategy and direct involvement with leading edge technologies (e.g. AI, Big Data, Robotics etc.).

Median Salary: $144K-$150K

Expected Bonus: $20K

Signing Bonus: $35K

It is very important to note that PMs often get equity in a form of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) for public companies and Stock Options for startups.

The equity generally vests over 4 years with a 1-year cliff (25% vests after the first year and then quarterly thereafter).

For public companies, this could generally be considered as cash-equivalent as you could sell your equity when it vests. For startups, the equity has a much smaller liquidity. That is, you are not able to sell your equity the way you could in public markets.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy is a general career track for MBA grads with a business/organizational background looking to be in a corporate world.

In Corporate Strategy, MBA graduates usually jump among different teams (e.g marketing, operations, finance) to help with a strategic direction.

Median Salary: $140K-$143K

Expected Bonus: $30K

Signing Bonus: $20K-$25K

Private Equity

Private Equity is a finance role that has grown in popularity over the years. This type of MBA jobs involves performing due diligence (i.e research) on potential investment opportunities for Private Equity Funds.

It is a very reputable industry for MBAs to work in post-MBA as it provides a great deal of learning and offers excellent compensation.

Often, MBA grads will start their post-MBA career in Investment Banking and will later move to Private Equity.

Median Salary: $150K-$175K

Expected Bonus: up to $185K

Signing Bonus: $25K

MBA salaries can vary widely depending on the position and industry. However, most MBA graduates can expect to make a six-figure salary post-MBA. We’ve outlined five popular career paths for MBA grads, each with their own median salary range. Regardless of your chosen career path, an MBA degree is sure to open up new opportunities and higher paychecks.

For those of you that wanted to check out employment reports for top 10 MBA schools, I’ve created a table with links to each so you don’t have to 😉 Enjoy!

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